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January 25, 2016 No Comments

Miles Mediation and Arbitration Services, LLC is pleased to announce its expansion into Coastal Georgia, offering services in Savannah, Chatham County, Brunswick and the entire coastal region.

Miles is the largest mediation company in Georgia, with an experienced panel of neutrals who are leaders in Alternative Dispute Resolution. For two years in a row, the Daily Report has recognized Miles as Georgia’s “Best Mediation Company.

Known for its commitment to excellence in mediation and customer service, Miles handles all case sizes and types, most notably Personal Injury and complex, multi-party disputes in areas of Medical Malpractice, Domestic, Commercial Litigation, Aviation, Real Estate/Construction and more.

Ctricia-stoneoastal Georgia Mediators

The expansion will be led by the Honorable Patricia Stone, who will provide on-site mediations in and around Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia. As a full-time mediator and arbitrator, Judge Stone specializes in all personal injury, construction, corporate matters and all forms of domestic litigation.

Judge Stone was appointed a Senior Judge by Governor Nathan Deal in 2015. Throughout her prolific career, she has worked with lawyers and parties to resolve legal disputes in a range of areas.

“Miles is thrilled to bring the Miles Mediation experience to the coast, and Patricia Stone is the perfect person to spearhead our efforts.” – John Miles, Founder


Schedule a Coastal Georgia Mediation

To schedule a mediation with Judge Stone, simply go online or call 678-320-9118. There is no administrative fee to mediate with Judge Stone and, staying true to the Miles way, gourmet lunch will be provided for all mediations.

More to Come

Miles is committed to providing the best mediation and arbitration services in the southeast, with exceptional full-time mediators and a unique Team Approach. In the coming months, Miles Team Leaders will also be available in Coastal Georgia for mediations and arbitrations.

January 21, 2016 No Comments

With this year well under way, we’ve had some time to reflect on last year and prepare for exciting things on the horizon in 2016.

Greg Parent, Esq. Miles Mediation

Gregory J. Parent, Esq.

We closed out 2015 with Team Leader Greg Parent’s significant arbitration award in a truck-motorcycle accident case. He was one of the arbitrators on the panel that decided the case, and one of the two who wrote and decided in favor of the award. (In case you missed it; the article appeared here as a feature on the front page of the Daily Report.) We say it often–Greg Parent is a stellar mediator.  His involvement in this case speaks to his experience mediating complex, high-stakes disputes.

A Team of Experts

Greg’s expertise and success are par for the course at Miles. Team Leaders Susan Forsling, Joe Murphey and David Nutter continue to lead the pack as the top full-time mediators in the state, and they bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and distinction to the company.

Susan’s addition was one of the biggest highlights last year. With decades of judicial experience under her belt, she’s quickly built a mediation practice founded on credibility and commitment, and the reputation of handling high-stakes, multi-party, multi-million dollar cases.

“Georgia’s Best Mediation Company” Two Years Running

We’d be remiss not to mention Miles’ recognition as “Georgia’s Best Mediation Company” for the second year in a row. It’s a testament to the collective expertise of all Miles mediators and the vision set forth by John Miles to provide the best alternative dispute resolution services in the southeast.

In addition to a third major expansion to our Atlanta headquarters, we also added some phenomenal mediators to our teams. We hope you’ve had a chance to learn more about:

And regarding expansions and extending Miles’ reach in Georgia, we are pleased to share that we now offer mediation services in Coastal Georgia. The Honorable Patricia Stone is spearheading our expansion to Savannah, Chatham County, Brunswick and all outer lying areas. Judge Stone currently serves as a Senior Judge and as a mediator and arbitrator specializing in all forms of domestic litigation, personal injury, construction and corporate cases. She’s a fantastic addition to Miles, and we can’t wait to share more about her services and our coastal expansion. Stay tuned.

Miles to Go

In his seminal 2012 book, A New Day in Court, John begins with a line from Robert Frost’s “Stopping by

John Miles Mediation

John K. Miles, Esq.

Snowy Woods”:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep/
But I have promises to keep /
And miles to go before I sleep.

These words have never been more true. Miles Mediation and Arbitration Services, LLC is redefining the ADR market in Georgia. Providing superior service, gourmet meals, competitive pricing and the best mediators in Georgia is what our clients can always expect–and it’s what all clients deserve. But we won’t stop here.

Stay tuned next week to hear more about what’s around the corner.