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Domestic Mediation Training

Course & Practicum

AUGUST 14-18, 2017 (Course) – SAVANNAH
SEPTEMBER 15-16 (Practicum)- SAVANNAH

*This program meets the training requirements of the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution*


The very last place a family or parents need to go to resolve a legal matter is the courthouse. Families do not repair or reform in a competitive system where blaming is profitable and formalities and volume control the discussions. In mediation, parents and families are given the space, comfort and freedom to discuss what matters to them, to work as a team to find solutions and to have a productive discussion about a positive future.        

Strong, skilled domestic mediators are greatly needed in our communities and justice system. Mediating with families is equally challenging and rewarding. If you want to contribute directly to the welfare of families and children, please consider completing domestic mediator training with Miles Mediation. You will spend a week learning about mediating family cases, about family restructuring and co-parenting,  about challenges facing families and attorneys in managing the complex issues requiring solutions and about the skills necessary to lead a constructive conversation in the midst of a destructive family event.

Among mediators, domestic mediators are the “special forces” who are willing to face the greatest challenges, required to prove their endurance and resilience and courageous enough to step into the fire to bring people to safety. If you are hearing the call, please join us by registering here

Upon completion of the 5-day course, you will have the tools and skills to begin mediating domestic disputes. Upon completion of the course and the 2-day practicum on September 15 & 16, you will be eligible to register as a domestic mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. Miles will facilitate this process.

The training program is led by our esteemed mediator and trainer Wendy Williamson, Esq.  She is the former Executive Director of the Mediation Center in Savannah, GA, where she has trained hundreds of lawyers, judges, and a diverse set of professionals. She is approved to train mediators in civil, domestic, domestic violence and juvenile delinquency mediation and is passionate about helping others develop the skills necessary to resolve conflict. Wendy trains through a participatory and challenging curriculum developed and adapted through a lifetime of mediating hundreds of cases of all types.




Mediation Training: $1,250
CLE: 24 credits (Ethics-2, Trial-6, Professionalism-2)*
*Documentation will be provided for self-reporting

Mediation Practicum: $350
CLE: 12 Credits (Ethics-1)*
*Documentation will be provided for self-reporting




To reserve your spot, please call or register below:

912-417-2879 (Savannah)

678-320-9118 (Atlanta)




Training Location:


17 Park of Commerce Blvd.,
Suite 301
Savannah, GA 31405

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