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Miles Mediation & Arbitration Services¬†offers fast and easy scheduling for our clients. Use the calendars to check our mediators’ availability to schedule your mediation online. Simply click on the preferred date, fill out the form that will appear on your screen and submit. Once we have received your request, our Scheduling Coordinator will contact you and confirm that you have booked your mediation.


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Team Murphey

Wayne C. Wilson, Esq.

Thomas S. Bechtel, Esq.

Kay D. Thompson, Esq.

Glenn A. Loewenthal, Esq.

Team Nutter

David N. Schaeffer, Esq.

Matthew R. Thiry, Esq.

Scott D. Delius, Esq.

Bianca Motley Broom, Esq.

Team Parent

Russell R. Grant

Cliff Cobb, Esq.

Hon. Keegan Federal

Douglas A. Wilde, Esq

Team Forsling

J. Robert Persons, Esq.

Jack G. Slover Jr., Esq.

Lynn M. Roberson, Esq.

Parag Y. Shah, Esq.

Team Cohen

Sarah (Sally) B. Akins, Esq. – Atlanta

Wendy Williamson, Esq.

Team Wilson

James M. Anderson, Esq.

Coastal Team

Sarah (Sally) B. Akins, Esq. – Coastal

Hon. Susan B. Forsling – Coastal

Owen C. Murphy, Esq.

Roy E. Paul, Esq.

Panel Mediators

Andrew H. Marshall, Esq.

Lawson Thompson, III, CPCU