Getting to Know Mediator Scott Delius

At Miles Mediation, we believe in creating a culture around family. When you walk in our doors, we want you to feel welcomed like you’re family and make yourself at home. So come on in, and get to know us better…


Why did you want to go into law?

My grandfather was a lawyer and I always looked up to him.

What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid?

A firefighter

Where did you grow up?

Memphis, Tennessee

What does “family” mean to you?

It’s the most important thing in my life.


Why do you love your job?

Being a mediator allows me to “solve the problem.” I get a real sense of satisfaction when I resolve a particularly tough case, especially when the lawyers tell me “this one will never settle.”


What is your favorite food?

Since I am from Memphis; naturally, it’s BBQ


What is your favorite sport?

SEC football


How do you unwind?

I play with my little boy.


What is your favorite thing about Atlanta?

The best thing about being a lawyer in Atlanta is that you don’t have to be from here to be successful. Our Bar is full of leaders from other cities and states. You just have to work hard, do what’s right and help others whenever possible.


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