Civil Mediation Training Available at Miles in Atlanta and Savannah

We’ve recently added a new Civil Mediation Training program at Miles.
The 28-hour civil mediation training course is a practical, comprehensive, hands-on immersion in mediation and the art of managing conflict. The training is available to anyone seeking to learn to resolve conflict, bring closure and build relationships, including professionals in law, psychology, education, social work, human resources, religious entities, and non-profit and corporate management. Upon completion of the training course and the 12-hour practicum, participants will be eligible to register as a mediator.
The training program is led by award-winning mediator and trainer, Wendy Williamson, Esq. Wendy has 30+ years of experience conducting civil and domestic mediations and has trained hundreds of attorneys and professionals in her capacity as a certified mediation trainer.
“I love teaching mediators and managers the practice of mediation and conflict resolution because I know that I am teaching an invaluable life and work skill,” said Ms. Williamson. “If you are in the business of managing or resolving disputes, the communication and negotiation skills practiced in mediation training will become your most important and productive tools.”
The monthly training program will be offered Miles’ locations in Savannah and Atlanta. Tuition is $1050 for the 28-hour course and $350 for the mediation practicum—which is required to register as a certified mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution.
“We are excited to announce that the number one mediation firm now offers mediation training courses in Savannah and Atlanta,” said John Miles, founder of Miles Mediation.  “This course is perfect for attorneys, executives or anyone interested in dispute resolution.”
For more information about the training program, call 678-320-9118 or 912-417-2879, or visit: