Mediator Wendy Williamson Presents at 2016 Georgia Child Support Conference

Mediator Wendy Williamson recently presented at the 2016 Georgia Child Support Conference in Columbus, G.A.  The conference covered a variety of topics related to child support including the new online calculator, income deduction, child support in military families, self-employment, and more.

Wendy’s presentation, entitled “Child Support 101,” covered the fundamentals of Child Support, explaining the Statue and related questions.

To view Wendy’s full presentation materials, click here.

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Wendy Williamson, Esq. is a mediator with Miles Mediation in Savannah.  She has over 20 years of mediation experience and is widely considered one of the top mediation trainers in Georgia.  To schedule a mediation with Wendy, please call 678-320-9118 or visit her online calendar.