Miles Expands to Coastal Georgia

Miles Mediation and Arbitration Services, LLC is pleased to announce its expansion into Coastal Georgia, offering services in Savannah, Chatham County, Brunswick and the entire coastal region.

Miles is the largest mediation company in Georgia, with an experienced panel of neutrals who are leaders in Alternative Dispute Resolution. For two years in a row, the Daily Report has recognized Miles as Georgia’s “Best Mediation Company.

Known for its commitment to excellence in mediation and customer service, Miles handles all case sizes and types, most notably Personal Injury and complex, multi-party disputes in areas of Medical Malpractice, Domestic, Commercial Litigation, Aviation, Real Estate/Construction and more.

Ctricia-stoneoastal Georgia Mediators

The expansion will be led by the Honorable Patricia Stone, who will provide on-site meditations in and around Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia. As a full-time mediator and arbitrator, Judge Stone specializes in all personal injury, construction, corporate matters and all forms of domestic litigation.

Judge Stone was appointed a Senior Judge by Governor Nathan Deal in 2015. Throughout her prolific career, she has worked with lawyers and parties to resolve legal disputes in a range of areas.

“Miles is thrilled to bring the Miles Mediation experience to the coast, and Patricia Stone is the perfect person to spearhead our efforts.” – John Miles, Founder


Schedule a Coastal Georgia Mediation

To schedule a mediation with Judge Stone, simply go online or call 678-320-9118. There is no administrative fee to mediate with Judge Stone and, staying true to the Miles way, gourmet lunch will be provided for all meditations.

More to Come

Miles is committed to providing the best mediation and arbitration services in the southeast, with exceptional full-time mediators and a unique Team Approach. In the coming months, Miles Team Leaders will also be available in Coastal Georgia for meditations and arbitration’s.