Wendy Williamson Leads New Civil Mediation Training at Miles

by Wendy Williamson, Esq.
No matter the hats your wear, the shoes you stand in, the faces you look into or the space you occupy, you will encounter disputes, difficult conversations, and angry people. When you hit these rough patches, you can either suffer loss and frustration or you can embrace those people and moments as opportunities. I love teaching mediators and managers the practice of mediation and conflict resolution because I know that I am teaching an invaluable life and work skill which is vitally important to progress along modern life’s journey. If you are in the business of managing or resolving disputes, the communication and negotiation skills practiced in mediation training will become your most important and productive tools. Please join me in Civil Mediator Training to begin your challenging and rewarding practice of mediation.
Click here for more information about the training program, or call 678-320-9118 or 912-417-2879.

Wendy Williamson, Esq. is a mediator and instructor with Miles in Savannah and Atlanta.  She has over 20 years of mediation experience and is widely considered one of the top mediation trainers in Georgia.  To schedule a mediation with Wendy, please call 678-320-9118 or visit her online calendar.