If the mediation is canceled or rescheduled, for any reason, within TEN (10) days of the date the
mediation is set to occur, the canceling party will receive a fee of one (1) hour per party at the
neutral’s hourly rate.

Arbitration Commencement and Administrative Fee $1500.00 per party, per arbitrator
At the commencement of an arbitration, each party will be invoiced a $1500.00 Arbitration Commencement and Administrative Fee. This fee is refundable minus $500.00 until the initial case management order has been issued. All arbitration-related invoices are due upon receipt.

Arbitration Cancellation Policy
A scheduled arbitration means a hearing date(s) on the merits of the case has been reserved on the arbitrator’s calendar. If a scheduled arbitration is canceled, rescheduled, or settles before the scheduled hearing date. Cancellation fees will be deducted from the party’s deposit based on the following.
14 or more days before the scheduled hearing No Cancellation Fee
13-3 days before the scheduled hearing 4 hours for each scheduled hearing day
2-0 days before the scheduled hearing 8 hours for each scheduled hearing day
Issuance of the Final Arbitration Order/Award

Arbitration Awards/Orders will not be issued to either party until Miles has received full payment for all fees and expenses associated with the arbitration.