Our 28-Hour General Civil Mediation Training is a practical, comprehensive, hands-on immersion in mediation and the art of managing conflict. No matter your profession, conflict resolution skills will positively impact your effectiveness and opportunities. Participants from all professional backgrounds are welcome, including law, psychology, education, social work, human resources, faith-based organizations, and non-profit and corporate management.

Through five intense days of study, passionate discussions, problem-solving and role playing, you will learn:

  • The mediation process
  • How to manage difficult people in difficult conversations
  • How to be and remain neutral
  • How to de-escalate, actively listen, effectively reframe and find realistic solutions
  • How to craft effective agreements bringing true closure to costly disputes
  • How to keep your cool and focus no matter the people or circumstances
  • How to manage cultural differences, imbalance of power, impasses, and unrealistic expectations
  • About effective communication skills, different conflict styles, and the history of conflict resolution

Upon completion of the 28-hour course, you will have the tools and skills to begin practicing mediation and conflict resolution in all aspects of your practice, profession, and life. Upon completion of the 28-hour course and the 12-hour practicum, you will also be eligible to register as a mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution.

The training program is led by esteemed Miles mediator and trainer Wendy Williamson, Esq. She has trained hundreds of lawyers, judges, and a diverse set of professionals, and is approved to train mediators in civil, domestic, domestic violence and juvenile delinquency mediation. Wendy trains through a participatory and challenging curriculum developed and adapted through a lifetime of mediating hundreds of cases of all types.

TUITION: $1050 (Training Program) + $350 (Practicum)
CLE: 28 regular; Ethics: 3; Professionalism: 1
LOCATION: Miles Mediation & Arbitration | 17 Park of Commerce Blvd. Suite 301 Savannah, GA 31405


For more information, please call 912-417-2879 or email atlinfo@milesmediation.com



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