Miles for Smiles: Making a Difference in Our Communities

Miles for Smiles is our charitable division of Miles — the arm of Miles that is focused on helping the communities where we practice. We launched Miles for Smiles in 2023, creating a charitable committee that is a mix of neutrals and employees, and represents all our offices. 

How Miles for Smiles Works

Through Miles for Smiles, we establish relationships with organizations that people at Miles feel passionately about, including those that involve children, homelessness, domestic violence, and other issues. We share our time and resources with organizations that make a difference.

In 2023, we’re supporting two different organizations – Family Promise in Savannah and Hubbard House in Jacksonville. We’ll continue to support these organizations and will add more over the coming years. We plan to create long-term relationships with them so that over time we can make a meaningful difference.