Why Miles?

Established in 2001, Miles has emerged as an industry leader in alternative dispute resolution and has established a proven track record in providing neutral services in the Southeast. We pride ourselves in our highly qualified panel of neutrals, exemplary customer service, and championing diversity, inclusion, and equity in our daily business activities. Our offices are in Atlanta, Savannah, Charlotte, Nashville, and Jacksonville.

Arbitration at Miles

  1. Miles has consistently been top ranked among Georgia’s ADR providers by the Daily Report. Over the years, Miles has recruited highly qualified, diverse, and recognized arbitrators that have immense domestic and international experience in varying fields of law. Our high standard of admission to the panel of arbitrators allows our client to trust each neutral’s in-depth expertise and minimize the risk of delays or challenges throughout the arbitration process.
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  2. We offer nationally and internationally accepted, comprehensive and flexible rules that govern arbitral proceedings in a manner that promotes party autonomy and provides procedural comfort to all parties. Our rules can be applied in different sectors of laws including commercial, construction, and employment, as well as to different types of arbitrations including expedited and emergency.
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  3. Our administrative costs and professionals’ fees are highly competitive. We strive to provide utmost transparency by allowing attorneys to provide their clients with accurate cost projections, timelines, and costs for each stage of the arbitration process.
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  4. Miles’ case management team comprises of qualified individuals who have demonstrated experience in the field of dispute resolution and ensure smooth administration of arbitrations from the very generation of demand up until the pronouncement of the final award.
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