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Jami Farris Joins Miles Mediation & Arbitration in Charlotte

Thu, Apr 29th, 2021 | by

CHARLOTTE, April 29, 2021 - Miles Mediation & Arbitration, the largest ADR provider in the southeast, is proud to announce the addition of Jami Farris to...

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Winter Wheeler Presents TEDx Talk on Mastering the Art of the Uncomfortable Conversation

Thu, Apr 8th, 2021 | by

  Winter Wheeler is a former top civil litigator who has made her niche as an expert mediator. Winter is the creator of The Four Cornerstones of...

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Nigel Wright, Esq., on What to Expect from a Mediation

Uncertainty is never a pleasant feeling, and while it seems to be the name of the game for the past year, that doesn’t have to...

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Construction Webinar: Residential & Multi-Family Construction Disputes: Is There A Practical Solution?

This webinar provides developers, builders, contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, architects, engineers, attorneys,...

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