Episode 4.6: Charlotte: Bartina Edwards – Lawyer, Entrepreneur, and Community Leader


In this episode of The Future of Resolution Podcast, Miles mediator & arbitrator Steve Dunn sits down with employment and collaborative law-trained attorney Bartina Edwards, to discuss her fascinating career journey, her philosophy on being “busy,” CP3 Paradigm (and what the name stands for), collaborative law, and more.


Bartina is a cum laude graduate of the NCCU School of Law. She is an approved attorney having supported and represented the Hispanic and Women Farmers and Ranchers in the Resolution of their USDA Discrimination Claims. Before becoming an attorney, she was in banking for 10 years, owned a staffing agency, consulting firm, and marketing firm.


Ms. Edwards is also co-founder of CP3 Paradigm, which is a company that helps people and companies redesign their culture – one person – one company at a time. She is published in several magazines and speaks on topics that contribute meaningfully to the community. Her background has been one of serving individuals, businesses, professionals, and the community in ways that make a difference. Ms. Edwards has also volunteered with the NCCU Business Law Clinic, the Innocence Project, volunteered in Legal Services on the Immigration and VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) Project, Hope Haven, Crisis Assistance, Urban Ministries, CAAC, the Charlotte School of Law, NCCU School of Law, University of Phoenix, and Davidson College.


This episode covers:

  • Being “busy” as lawyers and how we balance our professional ambition and ability to ensure our work is meaningful and fulfilling
  • Bartina’s HR consulting work with CP3 Paradigm, including the hard conversations the accompany work in diversity and inclusion
  • The expansion of collaborative law as an alternative to civil litigation and the advantages it offers
  • The phrase “be well” and why Bartina uses it to sign off every conversation


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