Welcome to Miles’ Workplace Division

Having an issue with someone at work? You’re not alone. Conflict between people is inescapable, so it’s not surprising that workplace conflicts arise, nor that they wind up costing organizations billions of dollars in lost productivity. A recent study found that the average employee spends nearly three hours a week involved with conflict, costing employers nearly $360 billion dollars in paid hours every year. And the average manager will spend about two and a half days each month dealing with workplace conflicts.

Workplace conflicts affect productivity, employee morale, staff turnover, and business profits. Whether the issue is related to communication, work style differences, or a specific incident, addressing the conflict in a constructive and timely manner can help reduce the impact it has on the people involved and your company as a whole.

Miles’ Workplace Division offers a new approach to these kinds of issues. Our Workplace Division lets you offer employees confidential resolution sessions. Any employee can schedule a resolution session to sit down with the person he or she is having an issue with — and a highly skilled mediator. Our Miles mediator will help your employees address the conflict and figure out a solution that works for everyone. It’s confidential, convenient, and nearly stress-free — and keeps the conflict from disrupting your staff’s productivity or morale.

Show your employees you’re committed to their well-being and help ensure your company’s successful future by bringing our Workplace Division on board.

For more information about our Workplace Division, contact MK Grasta, resolution specialist, at 615-612-0452 or mkgrasta@milesadr.com.