Miles Mediation & Arbitration is conducting mediations, arbitrations, and all other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) engagements by video or phone conferencing. We can deliver a full client experience without in-person attendance. 

Miles Mediation & Arbitration has invested in technology that enables our neutrals to switch to virtual meetings, mediations, and arbitration proceedings seamlessly. Our neutrals and staff are trained in this technology and have facilitated and resolved numerous ADR engagements through our virtual platforms. Our neutrals utilize Zoom video conferencing software and provide 1:1 training for clients in need of assistance. 


For cases that don’t need a full day to mediate, we have the perfect solution. ADR On-Demand is a virtual half-day mediation platform specifically designed for cases that can be resolved in 3 hours or less (you know the ones) at a more economical rate. We’ve also streamlined the scheduling and payment process. You’re welcome. Here’s how it works:
Visit, and:

  • Choose any date for your mediation. Literally, any date.
  • Add your case information.
  • Pay the flat fee of $750/side.

We’ll coordinate with the opposing counsel to confirm the date and collect their half of the fee. Once the date is confirmed, a mediator assigned from our panel of highly qualified and experienced neutrals will email you with a link to your personal mediation dashboard and Zoom information. It’s that easy.

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