Miles Mediation & Arbitration is conducting mediations, arbitrations, and all other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) engagements by video or phone conferencing. We can deliver a full client experience without in-person attendance. 

Miles Mediation & Arbitration has invested in technology that enables our neutrals to switch to virtual meetings, mediations, and arbitration proceedings seamlessly. Our neutrals and staff are trained in this technology and have facilitated and resolved numerous ADR engagements through our virtual platforms. Our neutrals utilize Zoom video conferencing software and provide 1:1 training for clients in need of assistance. 

Additionally, Miles Mediation & Arbitration has instituted a strict security and privacy protocol to ensure the highest standards of confidentiality are maintained when conducting all virtual alternative dispute resolution engagements.

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For more information about our Virtual ADR options, please email or call 888-305-3553.

Virtual ADR Training

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Parag Shah discusses how easy it is to participate in a Virtual ADR engagement in this informative video. 


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