Episode 4.4: Charlotte: Marty White – Naval Officer, NASCAR Attorney, Managing Partner, and Mediator



In this episode of The Future of Resolution Podcast, Miles mediator & arbitrator Steve Dunn interviews prodigious attorney Martin “Marty” White about his time as a JAG Corps officer, representing NASCAR drivers, keeping things in perspective in the legal industry, and the future of mediation.


A managing partner at Johnston, Allison & Hord in Charlotte, Marty is also a certified mediator and arbitrator, as well as one of the most prolific business litigators in North Carolina.



His cases are mostly business, construction, real estate, and manufacturing, but he also regularly handles will and trust matters. Marty’s experience with the military gives him a unique perspective on litigation and mediation that he skillfully uses to his advantage.


Steve and Marty talk about Marty’s introduction and experience in the legal industry, ethical dilemmas in litigation, NASCAR, and more on this episode of “The Future of Resolution.”


This episode covers:

  • Marty’s experiences in the JAG Corps
  • The history and future of Johnston, Allison & Hord
  • Marty’s work with NASCAR drivers
  • The future of mediation
  • Advice for young lawyers

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