Growth at Miles: Q&A with Chris Camp

In this month’s Thoughts from the Top, we speak with Chris Camp, vice president of finance and accounting at Miles about the company’s recent growth.


Q: Miles has been experiencing growth recently. How are you managing to keep up with this from a finance and accounting perspective?

A: We are all extremely excited to see the very promising results in both our organic growth and our merger and acquisition strategy. As a department, we have found efficiencies through reexamination of our processes and workflows, and we have also worked very hard on sharing our experiences interdepartmentally and across departments in the company. The team is growing in knowledge and confidence, and I expect that to continue. We have a great group of motivated team members who truly care about their work and each other.


Q: One of the notable achievements at Miles is maintaining accounts receivable under 10 percent. Can you share strategies or practices that have contributed to this statistic?

A: This metric is mainly a result of streamlining our collections process to eliminate efforts that don’t yield results while shifting our energy into tasks that we have observed to be fruitful. The team’s collective knowledge of individual clients and their payment patterns has been continually growing and this also contributes to the results we have seen lately. The team is really focused on learning client behavior and personality, which helps produce better collection results and allows us to provide a better collection experience for both Miles and our clients.


Q: As vice president of finance and accounting, what challenges have you faced during this growth period, and how have you overcome them to ensure the company’s financial stability?

A: Guiding the scaling process is always the biggest challenge in a high-growth environment. You are essentially looking for better ways to leverage the talent and technology while maintaining the level of client service and internal company culture. This can be challenging, but I believe that allowing the team to grow into their knowledge of the big picture is the most effective general strategy. When people understand the big picture and the overall goal, they begin to understand how their roles contribute to the overall strategy.

Q: Lastly, what are some of your goals for Miles as the company continues to grow?

A: My biggest goal currently is to enable my team to grow in their roles and prepare for bigger roles as the company grows. People who have been there through the growth process get to see changes as they happen, and they tend to have a better understanding of the where we are going as a company and how we are going to get there.


The ultimate goal is to see Miles grow into a national brand and become the industry standard for performance and culture. We are solidly committed to making this become a reality and we have a stellar team that I’m confident can take us there. I want all of us to be able to look back on their journey and be proud of the part they played in achieving something truly remarkable.




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