Commercial disputes are rising in complexity and often involve multiple parties and conditions that require broad knowledge and experience across specializations to successfully manage and resolve. Miles Mediation's high success rate stems from the expertise of the firm's panel of neutrals, which is special for its unparalleled diversity. This unique diversity provides our clients with knowledgeable insights they can wield to their maximum advantage. Our neutrals work collaboratively to understand what a jury will do across a broad range of legal disputes; they have case experience across many specializations and unique insights on cultural, language, and gender differences. Our highly skilled and diverse panel of neutrals combined with an unparalleled level of client support help guide and empower parties to fair, timely, and cost-effective resolution regardless of case size, specialization, or complexity.

In addition, we recognize that some cases do not require a full day of mediation. For those types of cases, we offer a half-day virtual mediation option called, “ADR On-Demand.” On ADR On-Demand, one of our highly skilled mediators will resolve your dispute on any date that you select for a flat fee. To learn more about the platform and its benefits, please click on the box to the right.

Practice Area: Neutral Case Evaluation