We offer fast and easy scheduling for our clients. Use the below calendars to check our neutrals’ availability to schedule your mediation online. Simply click on the neutral’s name, fill out the form that appears on your screen and submit. Once we have received your request, our customer care team will contact you and confirm your scheduled mediation.

Sally Akins

William Atkins

John Austin

Craig Avery

Marc Barré, JR.

Todd Bechtel

Audrey Berland

Leesa A. Bohler

Gino Brogdon, Jr.

Daniel Cohen

Jim Cooley

William Cooper

Robert Cowles

Casey Crumbley

Ward Davis

Steve Dunn

Michael Eshman

Jami Farris

Chip Ford

Hon. Susan Forsling

Rusty Grant

Shuli Green

Jennifer Grippa

Hon. Jason Harper

Barry L. Howard

Meredith Jeffries

Marci Joel

Burke Johnson

Andy Lax

Drew Lewis

Dax Lopez

Melissa Maravich

David Matthews

Blane McCarthy

John McCorvey Jr.

Ben McCoy

Hon. Bianca Motley Broom

Joe Murphey

Nancy Norelli

David Nutter

Greg Parent

Roy Paul

Kristen Pitts

Cindy Plymire

Hon. Tabitha Ponder

Andy Rowlett

Michael Russell

Jim Shea

Ken Shigley

Jack Slover

Christopher Smith

Rex Smith

Debbie Tarkington

Matt Thiry

Kay Thompson

Elizabeth Todd

Winter Wheeler

Leigh Wilco

Doug Wilde

Wayne Wilson

James Young