Miles Mediation & Arbitration Services

6 Concourse Pkwy., Suite 1950

Atlanta, GA 30328
(678) 320-9118

17 Park of Commerce Blvd.
Suite 301

Savannah, GA 31405
(912) 417-2879
All Fax: (404) 389-0831

“Miles Above The Rest”

Miles Mediation and Arbitration Services, located in Atlanta and Savannah, GA, is a leading firm that provides alternative dispute resolution services. Factor in the advantages of our experience, style, ethics, confidentiality, location and competitive cost structure, and you can readily see why we have earned the reputation we enjoy in the industry.

Miles Mediation’s experienced mediators work efficiently to settle the most complex disputes – regardless of the size or type of the case. Miles respects the importance of your time. Our understanding of the perspectives allows us to move past difficult obstacles.

  • Team Approach We resolve disputes by providing you with an experienced panel of neutrals who are leaders in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Style The right balance of knowledge, personality and integrity enables Miles to settle even the most complex multi-party disputes.
  • Facilities From the lobby to the conference and mediation rooms, Miles provides a welcoming and comfortable environment that is conducive to calm and relaxed meetings.
  • Experience John Miles credits a unique method of dispute resolution as the key to nearly two decades of successful mediations. His book, A New Day in Court, presents the philosophy of mediation that has marked him an industry leader.
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