We believe mediation is one of the most powerful and effective dispute resolution tools. With the aid of a mediator, the parties in dispute work together, and oftentimes separately, to craft a resolution that is sustainable, voluntary, nonbinding, and confidential. For the first day of Mediation Week 2020, we are offering a range of resources about Best Practices in Mediation– sourced from our panel of neutrals and other industry leaders. Follow Mediation Week 2020 resources here and by searching for the official hashtag on social media: #MediationWeek2020.

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In this complimentary 60-minute webinar, “The Tone and Tenor of Mediation, preeminent neutral Rex Smith provides an overview of establishing a diplomatic approach to mediation with the goal of setting a tone that leads to success. Smith recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award the outstanding achievements as a neutrals throughout his career as a neutral. 

This program is available for 1.0 CLE credit hour in the following states: Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and Ohio. To apply for CLE credit for this program, please submit here. You must view the entire program. Be sure to select the correct CLE program and include your full name, contact information (email and phone number), and your Bar number. We will not accept CLE credit submissions after Friday, October 30 at midnight. For questions, please email events@milesmediation.com.

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