In addition to the mediation, arbitration, and early case evaluation services provided by our panel of expert neutrals, Miles offers Special Master services. The use of Special Masters is accelerating rapidly due to the increasing caseloads in the court system. More judges in both federal and state courts are turning to Special Masters to relieve the courts of the time-consuming pre-trial discovery and motions practice inherent in complex cases; subsequently, more lawyers are requesting judges to appoint Special Masters in order to get the attention these complex cases need to proceed to a final resolution by settlement or trial. The use of Special Masters to provide the time and attention needed to move these cases forward is a welcome and much-needed development, particularly given ever-increasing financial restraints being imposed on the judicial system. 

Miles is well-suited to meet the needs of judges and lawyers when they are faced with a case that will require an extraordinary amount of time and attention. Among our panel of experts are several neutrals who are uniquely qualified to serve as Special Masters by virtue of their years of judicial experience.

On the Miles panel, Hon. Susan B. Forsling has decades of experience as a trial judge on the State and Superior Courts of Georgia, and has been recognized as an accomplished, diligent, and fair-minded judicial officer who is well-qualified to preside over the most complex types of litigation. Rex D. Smith has served as a Special Master for numerous cases and is widely recognized as one of the most accomplished neutrals in the country.  Hon. Jason Harper served as Judge of the State Court of Henry County for ten years prior to becoming Georgia’s youngest senior judge, and now serves as a sought-after Special Master at Miles. 

For perplexing and difficult cases, with significant money and complicated legal issues involved, consider appointing one of our Special Masters. You may schedule a meeting or telephone conference with one of our Special Masters, who will objectively evaluate your matter and provide assistance in determining whether a Special Master would be an economical solution to your situation. And, if requested, our Special Masters will assist in the preparation of the necessary motion for appointment and proposed order of appointment.