Miles Mediation & Arbitration is proud to recognize Mediation Week 2020. During the week of October 19-23, Miles will share resources on the practice of Mediation, led by some of the Southeast’s leading in-house attorneys, corporate executives, and mediators.  Each day of Mediation Week 2020 will focus on a different topic in mediation to help the public and the legal community better understand the mediation process and best practices. 

Follow Mediation Week 2020 resources here and by searching for the official hashtag on social media: #MediationWeek2020.

Mediation Week 2020 Themes:

Click below links to view the program for each day

In addition to dozens of educational resources to read and watch for Mediation Week 2020, Miles is proud to offer an industry-overview by CEO John Miles and a white paper by international mediator and arbitrator Nigel Wright:







Daily Webinars: 

Monday, October 19
WEBINAR: Tone & Tenor of Mediation
Presenter: Rex Smith, Miles Mediation & Arbitration

Tuesday, October 20: 
WEBINAR: Lifting the Veil: What the Top Corporate Executives Really Expect from Outside Counsel
Presenters: Sloane Perras, VP, General Counsel & Chief Ethics Officer at Foss Maritime Company; Evan Glover, Corporate Vice President of Law & Chief Privacy Officer of NCR; Rachel Gervin, Counsel for Mercedes Benz; Nigel Wright, Miles Mediation & Arbitration

Wednesday, October 21: 
WEBINAR: A World of Opportunity: ADR Strategies of the Top International Law Firms
Presenters: Terence Williams, Director of Pricing at Hogan Lovells; Joe Murphey, Miles Mediation & Arbitration

Thursday, October 22: 
WEBINAR 1: Charlotte ADR, Current North Carolina ADR Rules
Presenters: Tara Kozlowski Executive Director of NC Dispute Resolution Commission; Nancy Norelli, Miles Mediation & Arbitration

WEBINAR 2: Charlotte ADR/Hour 2, The Benefits of Pre-Litigation and Early Mediation.  Presenters: Jim Cooley, Danae Woodward, and Elizabeth Todd, Miles Mediation & Arbitration

Friday, October 23:
WEBINAR: Diversity and Implicit Bias in Mediation
Presenters: Robbie Ashe, partner at Bondurant, Mixon & Elmore, LLP; Clyde Mize, partner at Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP; neutrals Michael Eshman and Bianca Motley Broom of Miles Mediation & Arbitration.