Lockbox Address and Remittance Instructions:

Please use our lockbox address (see below) to avoid delays in processing your payment. If you wish to pay by credit card, visit http://www.milesmediation.com/pay-online. You’ll find our current W-9 Form here. Questions? Please call 888-305-3553 or email ar@milesmediation.com.

For ACH/Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer Information:

Please contact 888-305-3553.

Lockbox Address:

Regular US Mail:
Miles Mediation & Arbitration Services
P.O. Box 749426
Atlanta GA 30374-9426

Overnight Mail:
Miles Mediation & Arbitration Services
Lockbox Number 749426
Phoenix Business Park
College Park GA 30349

All remittance advices for payments should reference respective invoice numbers and be forwarded to AR@milesmediation.com.