Episode 3.20: Ana Maria Martinez on Intentionally Supporting and Promoting Latinx Law Students


As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we look forward with Ana Maria Martinez, President and Co-Founder of the Georgia Latino Law Foundation, on the work GLLF has been doing to intentionally grow and support Latinx law students in Georgia to help strengthen diversity within the Georgia legal community.



In this special episode, Miles Mediation & Arbitration neutral Michael Eshman discusses with Ana the work the Georgia Latino Law Foundation does to help support and promote Latinx law students in Georgia, focusing on a Law Day Orientation open to all Latinx law students in the state, a Leadership Academy with Mentoring Program for Latinx law students, and paid fellowships with non-profits for selected law students.


The Hispanic community represents approximately 18% of our population and is rapidly growing. Yet, numbers from the Hispanic National Bar Association in 2017 showed that Hispanics comprise only about 4% of U.S. Lawyers (see article). With her dedication to paving a way for Hispanics to become a bigger part of the legal community, we think Martinez will help change that.


In this episode, Martinez shares insights on:

  • Encouraging Hispanic law students in Georgia
  • How to change diversity in the legal community
  • How the Georgia Latina Law Foundation serves pre-law students
  • Her work with the GLLF
  • Her goal for 2025
  • How you can get involved


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