Episode 3.16: Angus Haig, General Counsel Cox Automotive



In this episode of “The Future of Resolution” Podcast, neutrals Nigel Wright and Jennifer Grippa interview Angus Haig, Senior Vice President, and General Counsel of Cox Automotive. Cox Automotive is an Atlanta-based business unit of Cox Enterprises, formed in 2014 to consolidate all of Cox’s global automotive businesses, including Kelley Blue Book, Xtime, Autotrader.com, and Manheim. 


Haig is well known for his international counsel work for Asia-pacific and general counsel Japan for The Coca-Cola Company, a company he represented in various roles for close to 20 years. 

Throughout the interview, Haig talks about his journey from associate to a Supreme Court judge in South Australia to his role as Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Cox Automotive. He discusses the future of Cox Enterprises and the industries, including battery technologies and gaming, they hope to enter. 


In addition to providing a glimpse into the day-to-day life of a general counsel, Haig shares his view on the attributes of a competent general counsel, how to litigate as a general counsel, and his philosophy on opportunities presented in one’s life.


In this episode, Haig discusses :


  • Fine-tuning his commercial skills at a commercial law firm;
  • Working on the Olympics;
  • His trajectory with Coco-Cola, restructuring and global team management;
  • His Involvement in global contracts and negotiations;
  • The circumstances that led him to the United States;
  • His experience with licensing, environment and sustainability, global marketing, technical, regulatory and corporate matters;
  • The art of drafting contracts; and
  • Cox Automotive being more of a technology/ I.T. software solutions company rather than a car company

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