Episode 3.18: A Conversation with Rett Peaden About Proper Planning for Business Divorce



In this episode of “The Future of Resolution” Podcast, Miles mediator & arbitrator Matt Thiry talks with Rett Peaden about business divorce.


Rett Peaden is a partner at law firm Smith, Gambrell & Russell. His practice centers on corporate law in mergers and acquisitions. Rett is co-head of the M&A section at SDR sees a lot of the corporate issues that come through the practice, including business divorce.


Thiry and Rett discuss the concept of business divorce, why businesses split up, and how it can be a contentious process.



This episode covers:

  • How a business divorce can be a long and expensive litigation battle if it’s not planned out ahead of time on how it will be handled
  • Why it’s not only essential, but much easier to plan ahead for contingencies in the partnership in the event of a split down the road
  • What happens if business partners don’t plan properly
  • Allegations of potential wrongdoing
  • How business disputes can affect valuation


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