Episode 3.2: Labor & Employment Leader: Roger Quillen of Fisher Phillips


This episode features Roger Quillen, Managing Partner and CEO of Fisher Phillips in Atlanta. Under Quillen’s leadership, Fisher Phillips has tripled in size and is consistently recognized as one of the country’s top labor and employment law firms.


Fisher Phillips has implemented many innovations in labor and employment, including the development of the award-winning Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leave Calculator App. In the episode, Quillen shares valuable insights on leadership principles and his experience leading Fisher Phillips for nearly 20 years. Miles neutrals David Nutter and Nigel Wright lead the in-depth discussion with Quillen.


This episode also covers:

  • Fisher Phillips’ philosophy of client service:
    • Serving as valued parters in achieving client goals
    • “Providing outstanding service– every time, everywhere”
  • Quillen’s mediation experience
  • The challenges of serving as a Managing Partner
  • The promise of the younger generation of lawyers
  • Trend lines in the labor and employment industry
  • Sporting events and the correlation with workplace claims
  • The rise of technology as a competitive force in labor and employment
  • The ideal attributes of a CEO and how to advance as a leader


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