Episode 3.26: Charlotte: Why Civil Collaboration Law? A Conversation with Colleen Byers and John Sarratt



In these high-stress times, the last thing most people want is to deal with a knock-down-drag-out legal battle. Mediator and Collaborative Attorney Danae Woodward discusses the growing practice of Civil Collaboration Law with some of its foremost advocates, Colleen Byers and John Sarratt, and how it can take the antagonism out of a legal case.


Colleen Byers is an attorney with Bell Davis Pitt in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She brings a collaborative approach to her guardianship, trust and estate, and fiduciary litigation practice. Byers serves on the North Carolina Civil Collaborative Law Association board and was recently named the 2020 North Carolina Lawyers Weekly’s Lawyer of the Year.


A North Carolina native, John Sarratt is a partner at Harris Sarratt and Hodges in Raleigh. He has been on a mission for the past four-plus years to bring Civil Collaborative Law to North Carolina.  As a result of his efforts, the North Carolina Uniform Collaborative Law Act was passed this year.  Sarratt is immersed in the advocacy of Civil Collaboration Law, acting as president of both the North Carolina Civil Collaborative Law Association and the Global Collaborative Law Council while also teaching on the subject at Wake Forest School of Law and the Campbell School of Law.


In this podcast, Byers and Sarratt give a brief overview of the process of Civil Collaboration Law and highlight its uses to defuse the animosity-filled legal process. This episode covers:


  • Colleen and Sarratt’s efforts to expand the use of Civil Collaboration Law in North Carolina
  • The origins of Civil Collaboration Law
  • How Civil Collaboration Law differs from litigation
  • The benefits to the client of engaging in Collaborative Law to resolve a civil dispute
  • Why Civil Collaboration Law may be the answer for attorneys searching for a more fulfilling way to serve their clients


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