Episode 3.8: Tracing the Impact of COVID-19: A Conversation with Trial Lawyer David Fried


David Fried, founder, and partner at Fried & Bonder, LLC joins Winter Wheeler, neutral at Miles Mediation & Arbitration, to discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the legal industry.


Fried & Bonder is an Atlanta-based litigation boutique that specializes in complex business, employment, and personal injury litigation that is operating remotely during the COVID-19. Identified by Law & Politics and the publishers of Atlanta Magazine each year since 2005 as Georgia’s Legal Elite and Georgia’s Super Lawyers, David Fried is a trial lawyer who primarily represents individuals who have been catastrophically injured as the result of medical malpractice, premises defects, civil rights abuses, motorcycle, biking, auto and trucking wrecks.  Mr. Fried spends about 30% of his time also representing individuals and businesses injured as the result of contract disputes, intellectual property disputes, work-place discrimination and illegal pay practices.



This episode also covers:


  • The varying rate of technological adaptation in the legal industry and how it affects caseload and dispute resolution;
  • COVID-19 preparation including the development of client policies, employee policies, and use of technology policies;
  • The value of crafting a firm remote work philosophy;
  • How to address employee productivity, physical and mental health concerns while working remotely;
  • Strategies to move cases forward given the current reality of social distancing;
  • The long-term effects of COVID-19 on injury cases, business cases, employment and the types of claims that will arise; and
  • The immediate future of resolution with the expected backlog when courts reopen.


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