Episode 3.9: Judge Ken Hodges on Mental Health in the Legal Profession


In this episode of the Future of Resolution Podcast, Winter Wheeler neutral at Miles Mediation & Arbitration speaks with Georgia Court of Appeals Judge Kenneth Hodges about mental health in the legal profession, particularly during COVID-19. Judge Hodges discusses the Georgia State Bar’s Wellness program, which focuses on mental wellness, social, and physical well-being. Hodges talks about specific resources related to health and wellness, including the lawyers’ assistance program, which offers, among other things, six free counseling sessions per year for Georgia lawyers. Winter and Judge Hodges speak candidly about unique issues lawyers face, including problems with alcohol abuse and depression and how the bar supports its members who may find themselves in need of help.


Other topics discussed include:
  • The resources available on the State Bar-  www.gaba.org – including links to the wellness initiative and the other resources available to attorneys including how to secure a forgivable business loan if your practice is affected by the pandemic.
  • The value of mediating cases especially while courts remain closed.
  • How the Court of Appeals prepared to work remotely in case of an emergency.
  • The value of emergency preparedness.
  • How the court is using Zoom technology to facilitate legal resolution.


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