Episode 4.1: Charlotte: The Power of Being Underestimated with Sara Lincoln


In this episode of “The Future of Resolution,” Miles mediator & arbitrator Steve Dunn sits down with Sara Lincoln of Lincoln Derr, well-known in Charlotte for their performance as civil litigators. Dunn and Lincoln discuss how she overcame initial challenges in the field, her journey along the way, and how she sees the legal industry moving forward.




Sara Lincoln is known in Charlotte as a litigator who loves her job and takes pride in searching for the truth. She and co-founder Trish Derr opened Lincoln Derr in Charlotte eleven years ago, a decision most of their peers considered risky given the economic climate at the time. The two have thrived, however, and now run a highly-successful mid-sized law firm.


This episode covers:

  • The pros and cons of being underestimated in a courtroom
  • The importance of being authentic
  • Over-preparing for optimum performance
  • Advice to new lawyers on litigation and running a business
  • Shifting climates towards mid-sized law firms


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