Episode 4.3: Charlotte: Programs Addressing Landlord-Tenant Disputes & Evictions



In this episode of The Future of Resolution Podcast, Miles mediator Danae Woodward speaks with Charlotte mediators Amy Cox Gruendel and Salim Uqdah about their efforts to address COVID-related stressors on the court system and the rise of landlord-tenant cases in the economic distress caused by the pandemic.







Attorney and mediator Amy Cox Gruendel of Resolution Mediation Services has worked as a legal aid attorney and law professor before founding her own firm. Her practice covers state and federal cases and business, employment, and education law. Her firm also partners with local nonprofits to benefit the community. She and Salim are responsible for the inception of programs aimed at resolving as many cases out of court through mediation as possible, focusing mainly on landlord-tenant cases.


Owner of Uroboros Mediations, Salim Uqdah worked in the Mecklenburg County Courthouse before using the knowledge and experience gained there to found his own mediation firm. Uroboros focuses on family law, divorce cases in particular. He and Amy met during his time at the courthouse before working together as co-chairs of the Sections Pro Bono Committee.


Amy and Salim are among the many legal and dispute resolution professionals that have stepped up to address the many challenges created by COVID. They have created two separate programs that create new options to resolve legal disputes both before the disputes reach the courthouse and even once a case has been filed. Their programs have significantly reduced the number of cases requiring trials in the Mecklenburg County Courts and allowed the Civil District Court to work through the substantial backlog of cases attributable to COVID related disruptions in court operations.


Because a large portion of these disputes involve landlord-tenant issues, the programs have also prevented many evictions and been instrumental in tenants obtaining federal and state rental assistance funds.


This episode covers:

  • Court responses to COVID
  • The rise of landlord-tenant cases
  • The need for alternative case resolution
  • The programs instituted to help relieve court backlog


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