Episode 4.2: Charlotte: Katie Dolan – from the Mecklenburg County Courthouse to Miles Mediation & Arbitration



In this episode of The Future of Resolution Podcast, Miles mediator & arbitrator Steve Dunn sits down with Katie Dolan, Miles Mediation & Arbitration’s new Senior Customer Service Specialist. Katie Dolan comes to Miles from her role as the ADR coordinator of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse, where her work and warm relationship with everyone she comes in contact with has made her well-known in her niche.



A Charlotte native, Katie chose to return to the city she loved after college, and her dedication to the well-being and growth of the city is one of the many assets she brings to Miles, along with her extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the legal industry in Mecklenburg County.


Katie and Steve discuss her past in Charlotte, the present challenges, and her future with Miles. This episode covers:


  • Katie’s journey from Northwest School of the Arts to UNC Greensboro, how she ended up in the court system in Charlotte, and her new role at Miles
  • Her experience as ADR Coordinator for the Superior and District Courts in Charlotte 
  • The magnitude of the backlog of cases due to Covid-19 and how ADR is helping to take the burden off the court system
  • Katie’s goal as she embraces her new role at Miles to impact the community through her experience
  • Katie’s passion as a musician and her love of the performing arts


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