Episode 3.22: A Conversation with Ken Jarrard and James Westbury on Local Government Law and ADR


Miles mediator & arbitrator Jason Harper joins James Westbury, a long-time local government attorney and currently an Attorney and Property & Liability Claims Manager of the Georgia Municipal Association and Ken Jarrard, a well-known government attorney and Partner with Jarrard and Davis. They discuss several topics pertaining to local government law.




This episode covers:

  • Sovereign immunity including police reform and coverage on claims against the city and government
  • Who is the proper defendant in government cases?
  • How to deal with settling cases when there is a lot of press surrounding the case
  • Who makes the final decision in settling government/insurance claims
  • The success rate of mediating cases with the GMA
  • How the shutdown is affecting claims
  • Advice for law students who wish to get involved with local government law



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