With all court functions shut down except for “essential services,” innumerable civil cases remain at a standstill. A tremendous backlog of civil and domestic cases is probable when normal court operations resume. Many of Miles Mediation & Arbitration’s neutrals are registered under Georgia Supreme Court rules to arbitrate cases and serve as special masters.

O.C.G.A. 9-9-1 through 9-9-18 sets forth the Georgia Arbitration Code. To keep cases moving during the shutdown, or even to avoid the backlog once court operations resume, the Georgia Arbitration Code allows one to consent to send a civil or domestic case to arbitration in whole for final resolution, or in part for such things as motions.

You can consent to send your case to private arbitration for many things in order to keep your case moving in a timely manner. These include matters such as:
–       Daubert Motions
–       Discovery Disputes
–       Motions for Protective Order
–       Motions for Summary Judgment
–       Motions in Limine 

At Miles Mediation & Arbitration, we know each case is important to those involved and a timely resolution is often necessary, whether by mediation or adjudication. We stand ready to assist you and your clients in these uncertain times by providing mediation, arbitration, and special master services virtually.

Appoint one of Miles Mediation & Arbitration’s esteemed neutrals with judicial experience as an arbitrator or special master for your case. 


Hon. Susan Forsling

As a Senior Judge, mediator, and arbitrator, Forsling handles cases involving Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Medical Negligence, Wrongful Death, Professional Liability, Commercial Contracts, Local Government, Civil Rights, and Bad Faith Insurance Claims. 


Hon. Jason Harper

Extensive experience as a mediator, arbitrator, and Senior Judge. During his tenure on the bench, Judge Harper regularly presided over cases involving medical malpractice, wrongful death, personal injury and contract disputes. Additionally, Judge Harper regularly presided by designation in the Superior Court hearing domestic cases, including divorce, both jury and non-jury, as well as child custody cases.


Bianca Motley Broom

Motley Broom is a distinguished mediator and arbitrator. She recently served as a part-time judge in the Magistrate Court of Fulton County.

Parag Shah

Shah is an accomplished mediator and arbitrator. He recently served as a Pro Hac Municipal Court Judge for the City of Atlanta. 


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