We’re proud to announce a new rank of top neutrals at Miles: Todd Bechtel, Debbie TarkingtonSally Akins, Danny, Cohen and Craig Avery.

This group of formidable ADR practitioners exceeds client expectations, works beyond the call of duty, and exhibits an impressive record of resolving challenging cases. They have some of the highest closing rates among neutrals in the nation and are hired daily for their expert guidance and years of experience serving at all sides of the table as accomplished plaintiff and defense attorneys. 



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Meet the New Class of Elite Neutrals

We’re proud to announce a new rank of elite neutrals at Miles: Debbie Tarkington, Todd Bechtel,  Sally Akins,  Daniel “Danny” Cohen and Craig Avery. Our panel comprises the largest number of award-winning, full-time neutrals in the country. …

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Mediator Craig Avery

Craig Avery, Esq. is a mediator with  25+ years of litigation experience. He is a veteran defense and plaintiff’s attorney with significant experience handling cases involving soft tissue and catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, premises liability, …

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Mediator & Arbitrator Sally Akins

Sarah “Sally” Akins is a mediator and arbitrator available in Savannah and Atlanta.  She handles cases involving premises liability; automobile and truck accidents; professional negligence (medical, legal and pharmaceutical) litigation involving counties and municipalities including …

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Mediator & Arbitrator Danny Cohen

  What was your first law job?  My first legal job after graduation from law school was with Brannen, Searcy & Smith….the only law firm that I have worked for (34 years).   What made …

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Get to Know Mediator Debbie Tarkington

What was your first law job? I was a law clerk for a criminal defense attorney. Wonderful experience.  Got to travel to all courts in the metro Atlanta area, met Judges, attorneys.  Lots of practical …

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Mediator Todd Bechtel

What was your first law job? Crim and Bassler What made you want to become a lawyer? How did you decide to branch out into mediation and alternative dispute resolution?   After 25 plus years, I …

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