Mediator & Arbitrator Danny Cohen


What was your first law job? 

My first legal job after graduation from law school was with Brannen, Searcy & Smith….the only law firm that I have worked for (34 years).


What made you want to become a lawyer?

I was very interested in trial advocacy as a student and always wanted to try cases.  There was always a desire to help others, and it seemed a natural fit to be a trial lawyer.


Why did you decide to branch out into mediation and alternative dispute resolution? 

I have been mediating cases for over a decade. Having participated as an advocate for clients in many mediations, I realized that I could be as objective as any mediator.  After mediating part time, I was one of the first full time mediators in the Savannah area.


What are you most proud of with respect to your career? 

I have been able to take 30 years of trial experiences and turn that into a successful full time mediation practice where I get to truly help parties resolve their disputes.


How has your life experience made you the neutral you are today? 

Life has had its disappointments, challenges and failures.  These negatives can be turned into positives, as it allows me to evoke empathy especially in death or serious injury cases.


In your estimation, why do clients like working with you? 

I think partly because over the last 30 plus years I have treated everyone the same and always been professional and civil even in tense litigation situations. That has translated into being perceived as fair, whether requested to mediate for the plaintiff or defendant.

If You Had to Teach A Subject, What Would It Be? 

Vocal Technique and Pedagogy


Do you have a favorite cause?

Completely unrelated to the practice of law, I am a big proponent of arts education for youth.  I am on the board of two arts organizations in Savannah that have strong educational outreach programs to teach young adults about the diversity of American vocal music.  The American Traditions Vocal Competition and the Savannah Voice Festival go into local schools to help foster a love of music.


What’s your favorite way to spend free time?  



What’s Your Favorite Holiday and Why?  

Fourth of July –  It is a time when all my siblings and family members congregate at Pawley’s Island, SC for a reunion


What’s something your clients would never guess about you? 

That I am a classically trained vocalist.


What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career to date? 

The greatest lesson that I have learned to date is to be patient and to listen.


What is the hardest lesson you’ve learned and how you learned it? 

That I cannot ultimately control outcomes.  Experience teaches this life lesson.


If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you be?  

College professor


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