John Miles Offers Strategies for Effective Mediations & Arbitrations at Proving Damages Seminar

John Miles today delivered his presentation “Successfully Presenting Your Case in Mediation and Arbitration” at Proving Damages, an ICLE seminar chaired by Attorney Eric Hertz.

John enjoys sharing insights from his extensive mediation career to help attorneys effectively communicate with and manage the expectations of plaintiffs who are emotionally invested in their case. It’s sometimes easy to forget that for the plaintiff the mediation is their day in court. They believe that the mediation will be their opportunity to be heard. This is particularly true for the emotionally motivated plaintiff, as for them the process is as important as the outcome.


John Miles is the founder of Miles Mediation & Arbitration Services. He has mediated over 2,000 cases and continues to mediate full-time, handling disputes in areas of personal injury, premises liability, insurance, construction, estates, fiduciary, contracts, commercial, business, employment, and subrogation. For more information about John or to schedule a mediation with him click here.