Online Child Support Calculator Training with Wendy Williamson


Why you need to use the NEW ONLINE CALCULATOR:

Printing the new online child support worksheet requires one push of a button. Did you know that the printed worksheet only contains information completed and relevant to your client?

Features of the NEW Online Child Support Calculator that will help you:

PROTECTION: The New Calculator is ONLINE which means you are protected as follows:

  • SAFE STORAGE: ALL your worksheets will be stored in your online account which can be accessed from any place, at any time, from any device. When your divorce client returns two years later seeking a modification of child support, you will simply go online and open your client’s last worksheet. Your location, a computer hack or an inglorious death of a server will not pose a threat or obstacle to your history of worksheets.
  • AVOID COMPLAINTS: The formulas behind the ONLINE calculator will always be current. Some of you downloaded a worksheet in 2012 and, once you became comfortable with it, you never upgraded your version. If you are calculating child support on an old version, you are calculating with outdated formulas which do not reflect the latest legislation or financial data. You are at risk of clients committing to pay or receive an erroneous amount of child support. The State of Georgia updates annually to reflect current income, percentage and tax data.

EASE OF USE: The New Calculator was developed by practicing judges, attorneys, mediators and child support staff and was carefully designed to make calculation easier for both professionals and lay people.

  • SELF-CALCULATING: If you know the gross amount on the paystub and the pay period [i.e., semi-monthly, bi-weekly) the Online Calculator will calculate the monthly gross income. Many errors happen in these calculations when done by hand so your calculations will be accurate.
  • FAMILIAR BUTTONS AND SCHEDULES: Many requested a familiar format to reduce the learning curve so when you open the online calculator you will see familiar tabs and schedules. There are new buttons too that will make it easy to view a rough draft of the worksheet while you are working. Opening an existing or a new worksheet is fast and easy.
  • TRACKING DRAFTS: Within the “Search Folder” you can create multiple drafts of one worksheet so that you can track changes or store the different worksheets based on different entries or the number of childrenincluded. You can rename each draft for easy access.
  • CLEAR FORMAT: The excel worksheet is visually confusing so a high priority in designing the new calculator was a clear and helpful format that professionals and lay people could easily navigate. You will find space used wisely, with colored buttons and entries clearly shown. You will feel relief.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND PRACTICAL OUTPUT: Are you tired of printing ten pages with more unused space than used? Another high priority for the new calculator was “one button” printing resulting in a printed worksheet using the least amount of paper and containing only relevant, completed sections. Finally.

FREE TO EVERY USER: You might think that the Excel Worksheet is free but NOT SO. There have been and will be costs to every user in order to upgrade operating systems and Microsoft Office versions to keep up with Microsoft’s annual, profit-driven release of “the newest” Excel version. The expense to the State of Georgia has increased yearly as well and the Excel worksheet will not be available within the next two years. There will be NO cost to users of the new online worksheet.

ACCESSIBILITY: In the “old days” you would need to access your hard drive or jump drive to download a worksheet you are working on. You could not access the worksheet through your phone or Ipad.  Judges often created their own worksheets despite having in hand two paper worksheets from each party. With the new ONLINE calculator, you can share the worksheet by email or “make available to the Court” so that co-counsel and the judge can access a working worksheet. You can access the online calculator through any computer with internet access, your phone or your Ipad. In fact, when I mediate with parties in different rooms, I can access my working calculator from different laptops in each room without having to open and close the worksheet. Amazing!

All of Wendy’s September and October training classes are full. Please stay tuned for future dates and the launch of Wendy’s new mediation training program at Miles. 

If you would like to arrange a training or yourself of your staff, please contact Miles at 678-320-9118


Wendy Williamson, Esq. is a mediator with Miles Mediation in Savannah.  She has over 20 years of mediation experience and is widely considered one of the top mediation trainers in Georgia.  To schedule a mediation with Wendy, please call 678-320-9118 or visit her online calendar.