5 Reasons to Choose Mediation

Miles Mediation and Arbitration Services is a relaxing, friendly facility that lends itself to conflict resolution. Factor in the advantages of our experience, style, ethics, confidentiality, logistics, location and competitive cost structure, and you can readily see why we have earned the reputation we enjoy in the industry.

Miles Mediation’s experienced mediators work efficiently to settle the most complex disputes – regardless of the size or type of the case But with all of that aside, why should you choose mediation services? John Miles tells us the top 5 reasons to choose mediation…check it out below.

  1. mediation is less expensive than trial. A trial can cost a litigant $50,000 or more in fees and expenses. A day of mediation costs a litigant less than $2,500.
  2. mediation brings closure and finality. While a trial verdict is often only the beginning of the litigation process. Verdicts can be appealed and that can go on for years. A mediated settlement ends a dispute once and for all.
  3. mediation offers a litigant the chance to control outcome. If a case is tried before a jury then 12 people who don’t know the litigants will dictate an outcome, however, mediation allows the litigants the opportunity to agree on an outcome.
  4. mediation is quicker than trial. It can take years for a case to be tried and appealed. A case can be mediated in a day.
  5. mediation offers a litigant the opportunity to be fully heard. At trial litigants and their attorneys are constrained by the rules of evidence. Mediation is an informal process where litigants can speak freely.

Miles Mediation & Arbitration Services offers fast and easy scheduling for our clients. Use our calendars to check our mediators’ availability to schedule your mediation online. Simply click on the preferred date, fill out the form that will appear on your screen and submit. Once we have received your request, our Scheduling Coordinator will contact you and confirm that you have booked your mediation.