Saving Money Through ADR: What Corporate Counsel Need to Know About Damage and Loss Calculations in Disputes

For Corporate Counsel, there is mounting pressure to proactively manage contractual disputes cost-effectively and assess damages earlier and accurately.  In a webinar for the Georgia chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel, three dispute resolution experts, including Miles Mediation & Arbitration neutrals Nigel Wright and Jim Cooley, discussed what Corporate Counsel need to know about damage and loss calculations in disputes.  





This webinar covers: 
  • The legal basis for calculating damages and financial loss.
  • How to best prepare an organization to ensure that damages or loss calculations are accurate from a legal or recovery perspective
  • How valuations are calculated in the legal world.
  • Why corporations should think about assessing provable damages earlier in the dispute resolution cycle, and how that approach can save significant money and time.


Webinar panelists include:

Jim D. Cooley, a Senior Partner, Mediator, and Arbitrator with Womble Bond Dickinson in their Charlotte office who recently joined Miles Mediation and Arbitration in the new Charlotte office. Jim’s practice revolves around Complex Business Disputes, and it has been his focus since joining Womble Dixon (known as Womble Carlyle back in 1985).   Jim served on the North Carolina Bar Association’s Committee, which designed and implemented North Carolina’s Court Annex Dispute Resolution process and serves on the Council of the Dispute Resolution Section of the NC Bar Association.  He has actively participated in the work of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution, studying dispute resolution in the construction and financial services industries. Jim has represented clients in hundreds of mediations and arbitrations and is now certified as a mediator in North Carolina, specializing in complex business disputes and class actions. 


Nigel Wright, a Neutral at Miles Mediation & Arbitration,  practicing New York and Georgia attorney, and solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales. Nigel Wright offers almost 30 years of litigation and dispute resolution experience, having served in-house in various senior management positions and serving as a senior partner at two AM 100 law firms on both sides of the Atlantic. He has represented corporations and entities in Federal and State Court, in various international civil forums as well as in administrative and regulatory hearings and proceedings. Nigel is a registered Mediator and Arbitrator with Miles Mediation and Arbitration based out of the Atlanta Office, working nationally and internationally. Nigel works in private practice in a niche area handling Uniform International Arbitration.


Robert Taylor, a partner in the Dispute Resolution and Forensics department at Bennett Thrasher, a full-service CPA firm based out of Atlanta with a National and International reach.  Rob has over thirty years of experience in the areas of Business and Equity Interest and Evaluations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Fairness and Compliance related evaluation work, financial litigation services, and assistance to clients in Strategic Planning.  His work has been in a wide range of industries with an emphasis on beverages, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, real estate construction service textile, and nonprofit segments.  He is a Certified Public Accountant and accredited in Business Evaluations.  Rob has been active in professional associations and currently holds membership in the American Institute of Certified Certified Public Accountants and the Georgia Society of CPAs.