Alternate Court Services: How to Find Certainty and Resolve Cases Now, with Hon. Forsling, Hon. Harper, and Joe Murphey

Covid-19 has done its best to put society on hold – courts are swamped, jury trials are still on hold, and case after case gets stuck in limbo. At Miles, resolution is within reach. Miles neutrals Hon. Susan Forsling, Joe Murphey, and Hon. Jason Harper discuss the courts’ challenges and Miles’ solutions.


Forsling, Murphey, and Harper discuss:

  • The strain Covid-19 has put on the courts
  • The difficulty of getting a case closed with the current regulations
  • Services offered by Miles Mediation & Arbitration to get cases resolved

Covid-19 has caused innumerable problems in the legal system. Through Miles Mediation & Arbitration’s ADR services, our neutrals can help get cases settled and handle motions such as Daubert Motions, Discovery Disputes, Motions for Protective Order, Motions for Summary Judgment, and Motions in Limine.




As a team leader at Miles, Hon. Susan Forsling works tirelessly to produce results for her mediation and arbitration clients. She specializes in cases involving personal injury, premises liability, medical negligence, wrongful death, professional liability, commercial contracts, local government, civil rights, and bad faith insurance claims.



Hon. Jason T. Harper works tirelessly as a mediator and arbitrator specializing in products liability, professional liability, premises liability, false advertising, commercial, nursing home, and other general liability claims, as well as domestic cases. In January 2019, he became Georgia’s youngest senior judge.



Since 2005, Joe Murphey has mediated nearly 3,000 cases at Miles Mediation with a success rate of over 80%.  When he’s not mediating, volunteering in the community, or spending time with his family, Joe is usually playing his drums and/or harmonicas with several local bands.