Arbitrator Leah Murray Albert Joins Miles Mediation & Arbitration

Leah AlbertATLANTA, GA, January 12, 2023  – Miles Mediation & Arbitration, the largest ADR provider in the Southeast, is pleased to announce that Leah Murray Albert, J.D., has joined its arbitration panel.


Leah has more than 34 years of experience as a highly skilled arbitrator with deep experience in large and complex cases. Her areas of expertise include international disputes; commercial disputes; construction disputes; employment and executive compensation disputes; banking and financial services disputes; mergers and acquisitions and shareholder disputes; intellectual property and licensing disputes as well years’ of experience arbitrating in the technology and technology services sector.


“I joined Miles because this tribunal genuinely believes in the true mission of ADR, which is fast, efficient, and economical dispute resolution,” says Leah. “I also joined Miles because the company provides a very robust, interactive platform that facilitates getting a case up and running quickly with a strong emphasis on giving the arbitrator tools to keep the process moving forward.”


Leah’s career in arbitration started when she was nominated to serve on the New York Stock Exchange’s arbitration roster while serving as the assistant general counsel for a company listed on the NYSE. Since then, her ADR career has flourished, and she has been asked to join and currently serves on many United-States-based and international arbitration tribunals.


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