Audrey M. Tolson Joins Miles Mediation & Arbitration in Atlanta

ATLANTA, January 28, 2020- Miles Mediation & Arbitration is honored to welcome neutral Audrey Tolson to its panel in Atlanta. Audrey Tolson has joined Miles as a mediator specializing in medical malpractice, premises liability, trucking, and wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases.


Ms. Tolson comes to Miles with extensive experience handling high-profile civil matters as the managing partner of The Tolson Firm, a boutique law firm specializing in high-damage and complex mediation malpractice and wrongful death cases. Before starting her firm, Tolson practiced at The Cochran Firm. She was personally recruited and hired by the late Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. and tasked with launching the firm’s Atlanta office in 1998. 


Throughout Tolson’s career as a litigator, she used mediation as a tool for obtaining resolution for her clients. “I have always enjoyed participating in the mediation process with my clients,” said Tolson. Mediation allows the client to have input into the outcome of their cases, which is extremely cathartic when you’ve gone through something tragic. I always work hard to appreciate both sides of every issue in my cases, because doing so makes mediation more productive and increases the likelihood of resolution. Having this ability has helped me resolve cases for my clients that my colleagues, and sometimes my mediator, thought would be impossible to resolve.”




Tolson has been recognized as a Super Lawyer since 2010 and was selected as a Super Lawyer Rising Star in 2009. She has received several honors and awards throughout her career, including National Law Journal’s “Top 50 Verdicts” in 2015, 2015 CVN Million Dollar Verdict Circle, and Georgia Trial Lawyer Association’s Presidential Award in 2014. She was also a Georgia Verdict Hall of Fame Finalist in 2014.


“For some time, we’ve been building up our panel to serve clients with large and complex cases better, stated Miles Mediation & Arbitration CEO, John Miles. “In that regard, I’m pleased to have Audrey Tolson on our panel. There is no attorney more respected or with more experience handling large and complex personal injury cases. I’ve no doubt Audrey will quickly build a successful full-time practice.”


Tolson received her Juris Doctorate from Georgia State and her Bachelor of Science in Economics from Georgia Tech. She is available to mediate complex matters in Atlanta and throughout the United States.


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