Congratulations to Nancy Black Norelli and Jim Cooley – 2019 Pro Bono Society Inductees

Miles Mediation and Arbitration is proud to recognize Neutrals Nancy Black Norelli and Jim Cooley for their induction into the 2019 North Carolina Pro Bono Society. Honored for community service efforts benefiting the community, “society members reported providing 50 or more hours of pro bono legal services in 2019 to clients unable to pay without expectation of a fee.”  


As a former member of the Chief Justice’s Access to Justice Commission that helped design the North Carolina Resource Center (PBRC) in 2016, Nancy has had a long-standing commitment to pro bono work. “My participation in pro bono efforts has been a cornerstone of my legal practice. Providing service now is more important than ever to our clients, and as an added bonus – it is a cure for the coronavirus blues!”  


Fellow inductee Jim Cooley is also among the 520 attorneys honored in the 2019 cohort, similarly boasting a long history of service including membership in the Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy (formerly the Legal Services of the Southern Piedmont) from 2001-2007 where he served as President from 2004-2006. Throughout his career, Jim has maintained that a lack of financial resources should not be a barrier to high-quality legal representation.  


Congratulations to Jim, Nancy, and all the inductees who have collectively remained committed to pursuing justice through service.



To learn more about Nancy Black Norelli or Jim Cooley, click here.