Does Your Mediation Firm Offer a Comprehensive Approach to Mediation?

by Kimber Bond


Mediation has been gaining popularity over the years for one reason: mediation provides an early resolution that helps disputing parties avoid protracted litigation.​ Many firms offer ADR services, but the client experience can vary greatly from one firm to another. To ensure that we are providing you and your clients the absolute best possible experience and outcome, Miles offers a comprehensive approach. If you’re wondering if your firm offers this winning strategy for mediation, ask yourself these questions:


Does your mediation firm have a diverse panel of neutrals who are consistently mediating several cases per month?


Any firm can hire a panel of neutrals to add to their roster and make their website look good, when in reality, oftentimes there are only a couple of key players at the firm. That’s where Miles is different. At Miles, we have several neutrals who are mediating full time, and across all practice areas. If your favorite neutral is booked, we have another who is just as capable and experienced to bring a successful resolution for you and your clients. We also take pride in the diversity of our panel, which has been important to Miles since our inception.​ Clients come from all backgrounds in regards to race, religion, primary language, and more. It is important for them to have the opportunity to choose a mediator that can identify with that difference in order to receive the best representation. This is why we have always built our panel with diversity and inclusion as part of our core values.​ 


In addition, we go above and beyond when it comes to recruiting the best and training our neutrals. We have a detailed onboarding process, individual coaching, and regular in-house webinars from experts on our panel for continuous training on mediation/arbitration best practices.​ At Miles, you can be sure that no matter what your case entails, we have a wide selection of neutrals that can successfully handle your resolution.


Does your ADR firm offer premium facilities that will impress your clients and make them feel right at home? 


Miles follows a professional services model. From the time you contact Miles to the time your mediation/arbitration is complete, we strive to offer service that is synonymous with the Ritz-Carlton in everything we do. We anticipate your every need to ensure your experience with Miles is seamless, and this includes our facilities. You and your clients will appreciate everything from the layout of our offices, the furnishings we’ve chosen for optimal comfort, the food and snacks, the Zoom rooms, top-notch sound barrier systems for privacy in every room, easy parking, and accommodating staff ready to take care of your every need. Every detail is aimed at providing an ADR experience, unlike any other firm. 


We know not everyone is comfortable with in-person mediations again just yet, so we offer both virtual and in-person. But you can be confident that we adhere to the strictest of guidelines for your safety should you decide to hold your mediation/arbitration at one of our top-notch facilities.


Does your mediation firm have policies and procedures in place to ensure you and your clients recieve a level of service that goes beyond the basic expectations?


We found that most firms will assign a case manager who handles everything from booking the mediation, sending important updates, entering pertinent info, and everything in between. This is usually sufficient, but does it “wow” your client? What we found is that even with the best staff with the best intentions, balls can get dropped, follow-ups can get missed, small details can get overlooked. This is where you have an advantage by working with Miles. We are different, starting with how we recruit and train our staff. Every staff member goes through a detailed customer service program and extensive training. Additionally, our entire team utilizes a client-focused, team-based approach to ensure that we are dotting every “I” and crossing every “T” with every member of our team through the ENTIRE process from the first call to sending your invoice. The level of client service  has to be excellent with every case or we’re not satisfied. We take this very seriously at Miles.


And we’re just getting started.​ 


In 2020, Miles Mediation & Arbitration was voted the #1 ADR Firm and Best Online ADR Resource in Georgia by Daily Report. This award marks the seventh year in a row Miles has won “Top ADR Firm” in Georgia. 


As we continue to grow, we keep finding better ways to serve our clients every day. If you haven’t tried Miles for ADR services because you’ve been using the same firm for years, I challenge you to see what you’ve been missing. ​


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