Mediation Success Happens When Opportunity Meets Preparation – A Talk By Daniel Cohen

SAVANNAH- Wednesday, July 2, – Miles Mediation & Arbitration Senior Neutral Daniel Cohen gave a presentation to in-house attorneys and claims professionals at Travelers and related affiliates. The presentation covered pre-mediation concerns and concerns the day of mediation in insurance disputes. The group had a lively conversation on mediation as a resolution strategy, pre-mediation concerns from the perspective of defense counsel, claim handler, and mediator, as well as COVID-19/Remote Mediation considerations.

Daniel talked to the participants at length about procedural preparation contracting that with strategic preparation to ensure cooperation and communication. Daniel provided insight on how to react or engage with the other party when the parties are at an impasse or are just one imaginative solution away from resolution. This presentation is a must-have for any organization ready to prepare for the opportunity to achieve mediation success.



For more information about mediator and arbitrator Danny Cohen, visit his online calendar and bio here.