Miles Mediation and Arbitration Goes International

By Nigel Wright, Mediator & Arbitrator 


When the Global pandemic hit the legal community many firms and organizations were initially fearful. However, necessity is the mother of invention and online mediations quickly became the norm, enabling those that embraced the technology the ability to offer solution previously thought to rely solely on face to face interaction.  


The mediators at Miles threw themselves into the online worldlearning from early experiences and sharing that experience with their client base. 


While some matters are returning to in-person mediation, the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic as well as the concern surrounding travel have led many to continue to mediatonline even where in-person mediations are a viable option. 


An overwhelming number of attorneys have commented that even if in-person mediations are an option, for many cases they are equally happy to mediate virtually,  just as they currently conduct depositions and interact with colleagues virtually. Most insurance carriers are also asking their claims handlers to participate virtually and have banned travel until 2021. 


On 13th July, Nigel Wright who is a mediator and arbitrator with Miles Mediation and Arbitration presented a webinar on mediations, structure, and tactics to over 100 insurance claims managers based in London, England, who are responsible for managing every line of insurance claims globally. Nigel is a NY and GA attorney, as well as an English solicitor. He has mediated matters globally in person and resolved cases in over 50 countries. 


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, mediators at Miles have already conducted mediations with out of State and overseas parties from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres 


The adoption of virtual and online technology has made the location of the mediator less important but the background and skill of the mediator more important. At Miles Mediation and Arbitration, we have mediators who are comfortable and experienced mediating, not just with out of state and overseas clients, but also with foreign lawyers, including matters which involve foreign law issues.  


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As a mediator and arbitrator at Miles, Nigel Wright handles extensive personal injury claims in disputes in over 50 countries and complex claims (including class actions) for A&H, Aviation, Casualty, Commercial Property, Construction defect, Crisis Management, Cybersecurity, D&O, E&O, Energy and Marine, Environmental, Financial Lines, Insurance coverage, IP, Pharma, Product defect, Professional Liability, Political Risk, and Surety.